Tuesday, April 15, 2008




akshay said...

dear sir,
i akshay dahiya, resident of f-293 s.g.m nagar nit faridabad.
after so many complaints there is no action taken on the monkeys.our society is affraid of the naughty monkeys.they have biten many people and torned many clothes hangig outside the houses.so i want you to take a strict action and send a team to catch the monkeys.
hope you will take strict action on the same.
thanking you

me said...

The commissioner
I am owner of 214-A Surya nagar
Ph-II .I had lodged a complaint regarding blockage of sewer in Surya Nagar-II, near my plot 214-A Surya Nagar.This create a huge problem for me.Due to leakage of this sewer it is very difficult for me to make construction in my plot. I have made many complaint but all in vein.My recent complaint Id is "comp 9026" which is pending for last month.Kindly take nessesary action.

ankit malhotra said...

The Commissioner
Dear sir,

I am a resident of 2c-wh-70 NIT Faridabad-121001 we are facing a situation of sewer blockage in our area which has now becoming intolerable as water is logged on the streets and coming in our homes resulting in a condition which is difficult to live.
I have lodged a complaint on MCF site with complaint/grievance ID: 21978 which has been assigned to Mr. Anil Mehta XEN(JNNURM) and Mr. Birander Pal engineer . I have even talked to them but nobody has even bothered to look into the issue. Nobody has visited our area. Thus conditions are now unbearable to live. So I want to escalate the issue to you so that you can look into it and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Ankit Malhotra