Sunday, March 16, 2008


Kindly refer to my regular complaints, petition in local court then PIL in the High Court, notice issued to the Govt. , copy supplied to your office & regular meetings with the HO - once with your good self. At that time you flatly refused for any funding to the stray dogs sterilization/ anti rabies vaccination but how you made agreement with a un-known/ un-experienced body where as PFA HARYANA - recognised NGO from AWBI ignored while making agreement to handle with the stray dogs, where as your JC Ballabgarh inspect our site & approved. It is further submitted that cattle's / monkeys were handled in very cruel manner, complaint has been lodged. Now you please tell me - how much amount you spent on these cattle dislocation , who did it & under which terms / conditions - Now where are animals - No's & status, deaths during catching - shifting ?
What are the reasons for ignoring Internationally renowned PFA HARYANA, How many cattle pond you have / staff / status of building / budget allocation / how many Animal Ambulance with status - budget, Constitution of committee - list of members - how many meetings held under which authority chair ?
What about slaughterhouse position - all illegal slaughter houses must be closed down other wise a case be moved for violation of section 38 of the PCA Act, 1960 against you in person for not implementing the Govt. of India notification.

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